Samsung Wireless Charger Duo, single Charger Pad take aim at Apple again

Samsung has been putting out wireless charging pads long before Apple even embraced wireless charging technologies. It also didn't miss opportunities to poke fun at Apple's missteps in that arena, like the stillborn AirPower charging pads. A few months back, it also took jabs at the new MagSafe wireless charger's limits, both in charging output and placement, with its Wireless Charger Trio. According to a fresh new leak, Samsung will continue that tradition this week, though in a more toned-down manner.

The Galaxy S21 trio will be announced on Thursday but it's expected to be joined by a few accessories. We've already heard about the Galaxy Smart Tags tracker and have even seen the Galaxy Buds Pro. Thanks to prolific tipster Roland Quandt, we're now seeing clues of not one but two wireless chargers coming as well.

The Samsung Wireless Charger Pad Duo, model EP-P4300, is pretty much what it sounds like. It reduces the number of supported devices from three on the Trio to just two, with one slot still reserved for a Galaxy Watch. According to the leak, the main area quickly charges at 9W while the watch pad gives 3.5W of juice.

There is, however, also an option for those without Samsung smartwatches anyway, a single Samsung Wireless Charger Pad, model EP-P1300. Curiously, Quandt notes that while it offers 9W Fast Wireless Charging normally, it charges iPhones at a slower 7W rate. For comparison, Apple's MagSafe chargers charge the iPhones at 15W but will charge any other phone like Samsung's at 7.5W only.

Quandt doesn't give availability dates for these two wireless charging pads but, of course, we won't have to wait long to find out. Samsung might be expecting that more people will want to buy these accessories, especially the presumably cheaper single-device model now that it won't be including a charger in the Galaxy S21's box.