Samsung Will Make Music Hub Available To All Devices

Samsung has announced big plans for its cloud-based Music Hub. Samsung already had plans to roll its Music Hub to all of its devices including, smartphones and more. Samsung has now announced it also intends to make its Music Hub available to hardware from other manufacturers.

It appears that Samsung is ready to compete against Google and Amazon in the cloud-based streaming music market. Samsung's music offering is a cloud-based service that combines the user's personal library of music with a music streaming service along the lines of Spotify. The Samsung music offering will also support radio and discovery features.

Currently, the music service is available on the Galaxy S III and Note II. Samsung's TJ Kang, Senior Vice President for Samsung Media Services said over the weekend that the company planned to roll the service out to more devices. Kang said that since customers often own hardware from a variety of manufacturers allowing the Music Hub to be accessible on all devices would make life easier for Samsung customers.

The technology behind Samsung's Music Hub comes from the company's purchase of mSpot last year. It remains unclear exactly when the Music Hub will receive a wide rollout. Kang said that rolling the service out for additional Samsung hardware depends on territory-specific deals with music labels. There is no indication of when the service will come to other manufacturers devices.

[via TheNextWeb]