Samsung VM-DX10 Camcorder

James Allan Brady - Oct 15, 2007

Everything is going down the drain; hybrid is the catchphrase of the decade. Proof is in the pudding, and there is now a hybrid camcorder, it reords to either a DVD or any portion of the 4GB of flash that’s on board.

There is even a bigger touch-screen on this thing than some other portable devices where the touch screen is a major selling point, 2.7 inches of touch-sensitive goodness to be exact. This beauty popped up at the Korean version of CES, called KES, go figure.

There is 3D Noise Reduction Filter and a Hyper Image Stabilizer as well as a quick start function. It should be available in Korea in November for about 700k Korean Won.

Samsung VM-DX10 DVD Flash Hybrid Camcorder [via mobilewhack]

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