Samsung unveils world's largest see-through AMOLED display

There is one thing that I really hate about shiny screens on notebooks and desktops and that thing is glare. Glossy screens are the norm and they may offer better viewing with movies and video, but the glare is a real hassle. I'm thinking that transparent AMOLED screens like the giant unit Samsung is showing off will suffer from glare along with a new problem.

That new problem will be the interference with what is on the screen and what is behind the display. In theory, the transparent AMOLED screen is cool, but you can tell in the shots above that the image quality really suffers for the see though gimmick.

The screen Samsung is showing off is a 19-inch unit hailed as the world's largest transparent AMOLED. The tech does have some interesting applications though like windshields with the ability to show data right in front of the driver. Check out the video below to see a similar 14-inch transparent OLED screen in action.