Samsung unveils new mobile accessories including speakers and headphones

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Samsung has announced a new line of mobile accessories that includes six different items. The new accessories are currently available in South Korea and include wireless speakers, earphones, and charging accessories. All six of the items are designed with a premium look and with comfort and performance in mind.

The first of the items is a Wireless Speaker Bottle Design and as the name suggests it is a speaker that looks like a water bottle. It has a 360-degree surround sound design that has rich audio, wireless charging, and a motion sensitive user interface. If you hold the speaker like you are pouring out water you can change the brightness of the LED lighting while a shake will change the color.

Another of the accessories is a Wireless Charger Tray Design that allows the charging of two devices at one time using wireless method and a third device can be charged via an integrated port. A round section is for charging items like the wireless speaker bottle I just mentioned with the other section for charging phones. A new Battery Pack Kettle design comes in two capacities including a 5100 mAh and a 10200 mAh version. Colors are mint blue or pink and a wrist strap makes it easy to carry.

That battery pack can also be paired with a USB LED light that plugs into the fatter end of the battery pack. It has a USB port for connecting to other devices as well. Another audio product is the Wireless Speaker Scoop design. The Scoop has a round shape and has a strap that can be hung off a bag or backpack. It also has a microphone and noise reducing technology. The last of the products is a set of in-ear headphones with a rectangle design. The headphones have a flat, tangle-free cable and the rectangular extensions are to help them stay in your ears.

SOURCE: Samsung