Samsung unveils new Blu EX1 digital camera

Samsung has pulled the wraps off a new digital camera in Korea called the Blu EX1. The digital camera is billed as the world's first 24mm wide angle F1.8 brightness camera with a Schneider lens with 3x optical zoom. The camera also sports a bunch of other features as well.

The rear LCD is a 3-inch AMOLED display and the image sensor is a 10MP unit with a high-sensitivity 1/1.7" CCD with integrated noise reduction. That big AMOLED screen rotates and can be turned to forward facing for self-portraits or group shots.

A rotary dial on the front of the camera lets the user change settings like exposure settings and more like you would focus a DSLR. The price for the camera is 599,000 won in Korea and it will be offered in black or silver colors.