Samsung unveils industry's first multi-chip package using PRAM for handsets

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Samsung is big in the electronics and handset industries and makes lot of the hardware and components inside many of the devices on the market. Samsung has unveiled what it claims to be the industry's first multi-chip package using PRAM chips for mobile phones.Samsung reports that it is set to start using the new chip in handsets later this quarter. The PRAM Samsung is using has 512 megabit Samsung PRAM in the MCP that is backwards compatible with 40nm-class NOR flash memory in hardware and software functionality. Samsung expects PRAM to gain significantly in share next year thanks to its improved performance compared to NOR memory.

The reason is that PRAM stores memory using phase change characteristics of an alloy made of germanium, antimony, and titanium. This technology allows the PRAM memory three times faster data storage per word than NOR chips. PRAM memory is also non-volatile and its simple structure makes designing MCP chips for handsets faster and easier.