Samsung Unveils Digital Camera with Helmet Attachment

Samsung, known for their wide variety of extremely cool (and sometimes downright weird) gadgetry, has unveiled their latest sports camcorder, complete with a wireless helmet camera. While it only has a rage of 15 feet or so, you'll still need to keep the camera handy at all times in order to utilize the nifty helmet attachment; what you won't need to do is worry about getting tangled in the helmet cam's wires.

The camera comes in two sizes: the 512MB, $580 X205WL and the 1 GB, $620 X210WL (shown above). Both models feature a fold-out, 2-inch LCD display running @ 720 x 480, a 10x optical zoom, image stabilization (only on the camcorder; the helmet cam doesn't have this feature), and an SD card slot for when the unit's internal RAM simply isn't enough. Keep your eyes open for these camera to hit shelves this September, if you still have any cash left after buying your 103-inch LCD HDTV, that is.

[via Sci Fi Tech]