Samsung unveils 8GB microSD cards

There are times that I wonder what I would do with a couple of gigs of space on my phone. Well, I used to think that before I got my Helio Ocean, now I've loaded it to the brim with music and I long for more space on my microSD card. It looks like Samsung will come to the rescue with their new, larger-capacity cards.

They have just announced that they have created an 8GB microSD card. That's about 2,000 songs, which will make narrowing down my selections a little easier. With increased capacity also comes increased speed. The new cards boast read speeds of 16MB/s and a write speed of 6MB/s. That's one and a half times faster than current microSD cards.

No word yet on when these will be released, or how much they will fetch.

Samsung to develop 8GB microSD card for mobile phone [via aving]