Samsung Unveils 160GB 1.8-Inch Hard Drive

I've met a few people that have more music than I think they could ever possibly listen to. I've got around 12GB of music, and that's enough to keep me entertained most of the time. However, there are those out there that seem to think that the iPod needs to hold much more than it currently does. It's possible that we may see a 160GB version of the iPod sometime in the near future.

While we can't be certain that Apple will jump on this quickly, it wouldn't surprise me if they did. Samsung just announced that they have created a 1.8" hard drive that would be perfect for portable devices like the Apple iPod.

This raises the big question, will Apple go with a larger hard drive for their next generation of the iPod, or will they switch everything over to flash memory? Only time will tell

Samsung Announces 160GB 1.8" Hard Drive [via macrumors]