Samsung trademark tips "Armor Frame" likely for folding devices

Samsung smartphone fans are looking forward to the summer when Samsung is expected to launch new folding smartphones. In the summer, Samsung is rumored to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 at the same time. Samsung already has several folding smartphones to its credit.

A new trademark has surfaced in Korea for something called the "Armor Frame" that is expected to be used on the coming folding smartphones. It's unclear if both of the folding models will have the new frame or if the frame might only be used on one of the devices. It certainly also possible that Armor Frame will be used on neither of the rumored folding phones.

Samsung filed for the trademark on April 13, 2021. That same day, a trademark for Armor Frame was also filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Organization. The name would seemingly indicate the frame is designed to be extra strong and rigid.

Smartphone manufacturers are always looking for improved ways to make their devices more durable. Durability is essential for folding devices that will be opened and closed multiple times each day throughout their lifetime. Lots of rumors have circulated about the new folding devices expected this summer.

Some rumors suggest that the screens of the new folders will have thinner bezels indicating the frame and hinge might have to be revised. As for exactly what the Armor Frame is made of, that is unknown at this time. Typically, frames for smartphones and mobile devices are made from aluminum, but there's always the chance of more exotic materials such as carbon or titanium. The downside to using carbon or titanium is more cost, and high-end smartphones are already expensive enough.