Samsung to fight Facebook tip insiders

Samsung is reportedly looking into creating its own social network to tie in with existing devices and services. The new social network, code named "Samsung Facebook", is said to be an eventual competitor to Facebook that would be accessible on smartphones, cameras, and televisions. The company is interested in further social features after the success of its ChatOn messaging platform, available on multiple smartphone operating systems.

According to The Korea Times, Samsung would leverage powerful cloud computing platforms in order to make the service available on such a wide basis. The company hasn't decided on a name for the service yet, but is currently working on its Family Story system which will provide the framework. Family Story was first shown off at CES 2012, and is designed to share photos, reminders, and memos via Samsung smartphones and televisions.

Family Story will apparently be finished by the end of the year, with the service rolling out during the first quarter of 2013. Samsung officials speaking to The Korea Times said: "The eventual goal is to expand our social media service across different devices from different companies across different mobile platforms. That includes cameras, televisions and blue-ray [sic] players."

[via The Verge]