Samsung "The Safety Truck" has screens on the back

Samsung does a lot of hauling items in Argentina and operates a large fleet of big rigs within the country. Argentina has a high incidence of traffic fatalities, according to Samsung a person dies in a traffic accident every hour within the country. Of those traffic accident fatalities, 80% of them happen on roads and the majority of those on road accidents are from people trying to pass.

Anyone who has ever driven a vehicle or ridden in one when the vehicle is trying to pass a big rig knows that it can be impossible to tell if another vehicle is oncoming until you begin a passing maneuver. The odds of an accident occurring are even higher when you take into account the hundreds of one lane roads in the country where there is no margin of error.

To help reduce the number of traffic accidents that involve big rigs, Samsung has installed some very cool technology on its fleet of trucks and dubbed the fleet "The Safety Truck." Samsung's trucks have wireless cameras on the front bumper.

Those cameras stream images from the front of the truck to screens that are mounted on the rear doors of the truck. The image makes it much easier to tell when a car is oncoming. The cameras even have a night vision mode that allows drivers behind to see in the dark.