Samsung test production for 32-inch OLED TVs set for 2H 2012

The OLED TV market hasn't really taken off thanks to small screen sizes and high prices for the sets that are on the market. That might change in the future though as panel makers invest in better assembly lines that will allow the screens to be made more cheaply and in large sizes.DigiTimes reports that large panel makers Samsung and LG are still working hard on developing larger screen OLED TVs for the market. Apparently, LG will have the capability to mass-produce 30-inch OLED TV panels at the end of 2011 and Samsung will start test production of its own 32-inch OLED TV panels by the second half of 2012.

That is a long way away and unless the panels are significantly cheaper they will continue to be niche products that consumers don't buy. With the tiny OLED screens from Sony selling for huge prices, larger screens that cost even more are bound to fail. LG has also noted that it will have its 8G panel facility running this year.

[via OLED-info]