Samsung SyncMaster 245T LCD Monitor

Samsung's latest and greatest screen weighs in at a whopping 24 inches. It's another one of the new LCD's sporting support for 97 percent of the NTSC color spectrum too.

It also has a fairly hefty dynamic contrast ratio at 1500:1, which isn't bad. The response time isn't great, but it's respectable at six milliseconds.

The screen swivels into a vertical position and has Component, HDMI, and 4x USB ports. It will connect to a large number of PC's with its DVI connection too. The best part, its priced to sell if you require such a high quality picture, $800 is what you will pay, and you can have it as soon as you pay for it, and it ships if you order it online.

Samsung brings high-color 245T LCD to US [via electronista]