Samsung snags Beckham for Olympic running app

At the end of the day companies may be driven by creating the next best smartphone and securing some nice profits, but that doesn't mean they don't help out for good causes. Samsung has created the Hope Relay app encouraging users to walk, run, or cycle in order to help raise money for charity. The further you go, the more Samsung will donate to charity on your behalf, with £1 being donated for every mile travelled.

Users can download the app on any Android handset, which starts tracking your location and distance via GPS. The app allows you to create a custom avatar for a little bit of fun, with the added incentive of it making an appearance on the Samsung Torch Relay Caravan, and possibly other commercials.

Records of runs are kept track of in-app, and if you're feeling the burn during a run then recorded messages from friends will play to keep your motivation levels up. It looks like Samsung is putting some money behind the campaign too, with celebrity endorsements from David Beckham and Jamie Oliver. The app is available for Android right now on the Play Store for free.