Samsung SmartThings will soon let you control Nest devices

For those looking to get a smart home set up rolling, there are a number of ecosystems to choose from – Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Nest, the list goes on. Generally speaking, these ecosystems don't feature a ton of interoperability with one another, but that might be starting to change. Today, Samsung and Google announced that they're teaming up to allow compatibility between SmartThings, Nest, and Google Assistant devices.

Specifically, Samsung and Google have announced that Nest devices will soon be "Works With SmartThings" certified, which means that you'll be able to use SmartThings to do things like change your thermostat or check your Nest cameras. Nest devices can be integrated with SmartThings scenes and automated experiences, and Samsung says that eventually users will even be able to get a feed of their Nest cameras on Samsung TVs and the Family Hub fridge.

On the Google side of things, we'll see Google Assistant support in a larger number of SmartThings devices. There are some SmartThings devices that already support Google Assistant voice commands, but as time goes on, we'll see support expand to more Samsung appliances and smart TVs.

In addition, you can now link Google Assistant to multiple Samsung apps including SmartThings, with Google also saying that it has "expanded the Google Assistant control of Samsung devices across six new languages." Those new languages are Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese.

This new functionality that bridges the gap between SmartThings, Nest, and Google Assistant won't be going live until January 2021. A more specific date wasn't revealed, but we'll let you know if Google and Samsung decide to share more in the lead up to launch.