Samsung SmartTag+ tracker launches in US to take on Apple AirTag

Samsung is ready to take on Apple's AirTags with the launch of its SmartTag+ in the United States. This new tracking accessory is designed to attach to the objects you may misplace, including your keys, bag, and wallet. The trackers feature ultra-wideband tech and Bluetooth LE combined with AR guidance to the misplaced item.

The Samsung SmartTag+ is a vaguely rhombus-shaped tracking accessory featuring a small hole through which one can attach a keychain or strap. When used with a smartphone that supports UWB (the Galaxy S21+ and Ultra, for example), users can utilize the AR Finder feature to get visual on-screen indicators pointing toward their object's location.

Likewise, the tag can emit a loud alarm to help the user locate it. Assuming you're too far away for that option, the item's location will also be visible on a map via the combination of Bluetooth LE and Samsung's SmartThings Find network, which is comprised of Galaxy device owners who opt in to help crowdsource tracked items' locations.

Beyond that, the SmartTag+ tracker also supports various functions the user can set up in the SmartThings app. For example, a tracker could also be used to control a light so that when you press its button, the light is turned off. Of course, the object you want to control will need to be a connected device with SmartThings support.

Customers in the US can now purchase the SmartTag+ tracker from Samsung and Amazon for $39.99, a ten-dollar increase over the price of its regular SmartTag tracking device, which functions in similar ways but only has Bluetooth connectivity.