Samsung Silencio SC9540 vacuum reminds me of something I’ve seen before

James Allan Brady - Jan 21, 2008, 1:05 pm CST

Something about this vacuum is very reminiscent of some iconic character I remember from somewhere. Oh yeah, that’s right, it looks exactly like Master Chief’s helmet but with a handle on the front.

The vacuum has all this technology in it that help it to capture 99.3% of dust, things like a multi-chamber system and a suction rating of 360 air watts (WTF? I wonder how many Monica Lewinski’s that is?). There is an infrared handle that can control the sucking power or even turn the vacuum off, that’s kind of cool.

And the HEPA 13 filtration system ought to help keep things cleaner by capturing 99.5% of micro particles that go through it. The Silver Nano technology helps keep bacteria and odor causing stuff from building up inside the canister. The best part, is that with some gold tint and the right colored green paint, you could have a Master Chief vacuum, so far nothing on price or availability though.

[via ohgizmo]

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