Samsung S Pen Pro details leak ahead of Unpacked 2021 debut

Samsung definitely has a leak problem if even the relatively minor accessories headed for Unpacked 2021 are being leaked less than 48 hours before the event. Then again, it is seemingly fighting a battle without end, given how the tech industry moves these days. That's definitely the case this year with the long-overdue S Pen Pro, whose appearance and some details have just been unofficially revealed even before Samsung gets the chance to say a word.

The S Pen Pro name has been revealed way back in January when Samsung announced the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which launched with its own separate S Pen. It has been almost eight months since then, and it seems that it took Samsung that long to actually make it happen. It might have been worth the wait, though, as this might be the biggest change Samsung has ever made to the S Pen since the rather pointless clicker mechanism.

A short video clip recently popped up showing the S Pen Pro in a 360-degree view. The biggest difference from other S Pens is a small light on the function button near the tip, suggesting a rechargeable battery inside. There also seems to be a slider at the top of the pen whose functionality is still a mystery.

Another tip speculates that this would be a Bluetooth toggle, which would be an odd but reasonable theory. Recent Galaxy Note S Pens do have Bluetooth functionality, but those don't need to be manually turned on or off. Naturally, if there's an on/off switch for Bluetooth, there should also be a pairing button, again indicated by this leak.

There are still some missing pieces to the S Pen Pro picture, however, like its compatibility with both the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. There might, however, be a separate S Pen developed specifically for the foldable phone instead. Fortunately, it won't take long for these questions to be answered as Samsung's grand event is just a day and a few hours away.