Samsung S Pebble music player arrives in the US

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Along with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III was also the launch of a music player accessory known as the Pebble. It's a small, stone-sized device that lets you sync music from your phone to the music player itself. It received an international launch, but until now, it never hit the US. Samsung has finally released the music player stateside.

If you're interested in buying the music player, you'll have a hard time searching for it under the name "Pebble." Samsung has rebranded the device and has officially called it the "Muse." It may seem counterintuitive since Pebble makes a whole lot more sense, but either way, it's available now in the US for only $50.

Users with a Galaxy device (Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, etc.) will be able to connect to the Muse with the help of the Muse Sync app that users can download for free. The app is used to transfer songs and other data without needing to connect to a computer. The Muse player features a metal clip, 3.5mm headphone jack, 4GB of internal storage, and SoundAlive audio tech. So, while you may not be able to fit your entire music collection on it, it'll definitely hold a few hundred songs for you to enjoy during your daily 5-mile jog.

The device is available now to purchase on Samsung's website for $49.99, and while it's not the most versatile music player out there, $50 certainly isn't too bad of a price. Still, most users will likely stick with their smartphones as their music-listening device, but we certainly can't blame those who would rather leave their phones at home to prevent damaging or losing it during exercise.

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