Samsung protects your kids' eyes with Safety Screen app

When I was a kid, I wanted to sit as close as I could to the TV, especially while playing video games. I think that I equated being closer to the screen to being better at the game. Of course, I also had a bad habit of leaning to the left or right, when I wanted my character to quickly move the same direction, which didn't help, either. When my parents would catch me sitting to close to the screen, they would always tell me to move back. But what about now, when kids are holding their tablets too close to their face?

Samsung recognizes that there might be a problem with holding tablet screens too close to a child's face. And children might not think about the issue, since they're engrossed in a game or a movie on the screen. So to help combat this issue, and to protect the eyes of kids, Samsung has developed a new app that will warn users when the screen is too close to their face.

The new app is called Safety Screen, and uses facial recognition technology to determine just how close the user's face is to the screen. If it's too close, then they'll get a warning in the form of a cute little alien. The alien will pop up and tell you that you need to move back. Once you have, it congratulates you, and disappears.

The app is only available on Android devices, so iPad owners will have to monitor their children's behavior the old fashioned way. The free app runs in the background, and will appear while any other app is running, should you or your child's face get too close.

Source: Samsung