Samsung promises three Android OS updates for more devices

We've lost count of how many times hell has frozen over in the past years but it seems the infernal flames will once again be put out thanks to Samsung's announcement. Once notorious for being the worst at Android updates, it has now stepped up to almost rival Google itself, at least in theory. It is promising three major Android OS updates not just for its flagship devices this year but also for last year's models and even some mid-range Galaxy A series phones.

To its credit, Samsung has indeed improved its scorecard when it comes to rolling out software updates, even if they're not exactly as fast as Google. That's true not just for the monthly security updates but even for the major Android upgrades that happen every year.

Now that it seems to have gotten the hang of that new cadence, Samsung is boldly proclaiming it will support three generations of Android OS upgrades for a dozen of its currently supported phones and tablets. That was already reported for the entire Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series but it is now being promised for a whole lot more.

That lot includes all Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 models from last year, all its foldable phones, and its Galaxy Tab S flagship slates starting from the Galaxy Tab S6 and including even the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. Also benefiting from this public commitment is the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51, both 5G and 4G models, and the Galaxy A90 5G. Moving forward, Samsung is promising the same treatment for all future Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Tab S devices, and some select Galaxy A phones.

Of course, promising these updates doesn't make them real and we'll have three years to see if Samsung will indeed be able to make good on its word. Samsung's schedule will start with the Galaxy S20, which will be its first device to receive an Android 11 upgrade later this year.