Samsung PRO Plus, EVO Plus SD cards aim squarely for content creators

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When it comes to memory cards, microSD cards have pretty much become the standard option thanks to smartphones and small devices like action cameras. When it comes to more professional digital content and devices, however, SD cards still reign supreme, especially when DSLRs are concerned. Trying to take advantage of the rise in video production these days, Samsung is launching two new SD cards to cater to photographers, cinematographers, and, of course, YouTubers.

Speed is often the name of the game when it comes to memory cards and for good reason. Despite their portable convenience, the technology they use results in significantly slower speeds compared to built-in memory inside phones, for example. Every megabyte counts and Samsung is particularly proud of these two cards' advertised figures.

The Samsung PRO Plus boasts of sequential read speeds of 100 MB/s but sequential write speeds are naturally slower at 90 MB/s. That's for the SDXC format only, however, and the SDHC variant of the PRO Plus slips down to 60 MB/s write speeds. The Samsung EVO Plus, on the other hand, advertises a more consistent transfer speed of up to 100 MB/s, both for read/write operations as well as both SDXC and SDHC cards.

What these means in practice is that the cards are able to support two of the most popular shooting modes on DSLRs and pro cameras. Both cards support 4K UHD video recording as well as high-speed burst shots, both of which require storage that can keep up with the speed and volume of data. The EVO Plus even boasts of support smooth playback when editing that 4K video.

Both the Samsung PRO Plus and Samsung EVO Plus SD Cards will be available this month in capacities of 32 to 256 GB. The cards come with the promise of waterproof, X-ray proof, and even magnet-proof durability as well as a whopping 10-year limited warranty.