Samsung Premium Care brings down screen repair fees for a month

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We have become dependent on our smartphones these past months more than ever, which also means that the consequences of them breaking have also become even more grave. Because of the current situation in the US and around the world, getting phones repaired is almost tantamount to risking one's life. That may be the reason Samsung has finally decided to take a load off people's worries by temporarily lowering the literal price they have to pay to get a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note cracked screen repaired.

The screen is, of course, one of the most important parts of a smartphone since it is the only way we can really interact with the device these days (unless you set up accessibility features beforehand). They also happen to be one of the easiest to break in an accident and the most expensive to replace. In a normal world, that screen would cost $99 on top of a $12 or $20 Premium Care monthly subscription.

But we don't live in a normal world so Samsung brought down that price to just $29. Unsurprisingly, that comes with a lot of caveats, like still requiring a Premium Care subscription, which remains at the same price. The other important consideration is that this discount is only in effect until June 1 this year.

Users will have to read the fine print to make sure they're eligible. Samsung's Premium Care repairs only cover three accidental cases in a span of 12 months, though the one-month duration of this promo practically makes that moot. This offer is only available in the US since it is taken in partnership with uBreakiFix.

The latter is an important detail because you will have to go to the nearest uBreakiFix service location to get your phone's screen fixed. They will pick up your phone on the curbside and promise to sanitize the phone before shipping it back to you.