Samsung PlayGalaxy Link launch next month could one-up Stadia, xCloud

The gaming industry might soon be experiencing a new trend thanks to Google and Microsoft. The two are starting to more formally push their game streaming technology which, in itself, isn't completely new. It seems that Samsung is trying to jump on that trend with its own PlayGalaxy Link app but that, too, may actually be a simple "rebranding". Nonetheless, Samsung might have the edge over Google, Microsoft, or even Valve in this one crucial way.

It was a bit mysterious that Samsung was almost silent about PlayGalaxy Link, especially considering how game streaming is a hot topic these days. It may be trying to wait before making a big splash, especially considering it isn't completely new tech. It turns out, PlayGalaxy Link is based on an existing game streaming platform named Parsec and could simply be a rebranded and Samsung-exclusive version with a few perks.

Now, it may sound like Samsung is just copying Google Stadia but Parsec, and by extension PlayGalaxy Link, has one key difference. The app streams games running on a PC to a phone. That means there are fewer questions about ownership of the game, especially if you have local copies.

On the other hand, it may sound like simply a variation of Steam Link which lets you do the same thing with Steam games. Parsec sets itself apart, however, by allowing remote access to those games from your smartphone. In other words, it's like running your own personal Stadia or xCloud.

Samsung may be hitting a gold mine if it is indeed able to deliver those as promised. Granted, the details of Parsec's and PlayGalaxy Link's implementations are still unclear at this point. But if TechCrunch's sources are correct, gamers need only wait until September to get the full story.