Samsung Pay Rewards gives users points for mobile payments

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Samsung has announced the launch of rewards for Samsung Pay users located in the U.S., something the company says is a first among mobile payment platforms. The rewards work in a way similar to credit card rewards — every time you make a payment with Samsung Pay, points are applied to your account and can be used toward various rewards. The company points out that in the case of credit cards with rewards, this may enable users to earn double the points — rewards from Samsung and from their card issuer.

The addition of rewards to Samsung Pay also presents a somewhat unique opportunity for those who only carry debit cards. In most cases, debit cards in the U.S. do not offer any sort of rewards or benefits. By registering them and using them with Samsung Pay, debit card holders now have a way to earn rewards for purchases made with that card.

Samsung Rewards is set up with loyalty tiers, with the higher tiers giving users more rewards for their purchases. Says Samsung, it is possible to earn up to quadruple points depending on the frequency with which you use Samsung Pay. As well, Samsung Rewards is offering various limited time offers for earning bonus points. These offers include using Samsung Pay during certain times, certain places, and more.

Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for different things. A current look at the rewards section in the app shows things like gift cards for Dominos, Visa prepaid cards with different values, and gift cards for other retailers. Samsung plans to expand Rewards to cover its own products, too.

SOURCE: Samsung News