Samsung Omnia 7 Hands On [Video]

Evan Selleck - Oct 11, 2010
Samsung Omnia 7 Hands On [Video]

With all the press releases and announcements, it’s about time we got some hands on time with the handsets being shown off this morning (or afternoon, for those in Europe). The first handset on deck is Samsung’s offering for the region, the Omnia 7. Featuring Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile Operating System, and touting the same high-end internals as all the other devices set to launch soon enough, the Omnia 7 has one distinct feature: that Super AMOLED display.

As for the genera hands on, this is just an early preview of the device, of course. Without having time to spend on a full review, we can just give you what we think of the device so far. And, with it’s 4-inch Super AMOLED display, this really is the Galaxy S device for Windows Phone 7 (much in the same way that the Samsung Focus, here in the States, warrants the same accolades). The 1 GHz processor under the hood keeps everything snappy and smooth, even if it is obvious that Microsoft really, really loves animated transitions. The hardware is solid, too — it doesn’t feel like it’ll break after a month of usage.

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The overall system is speedy, and despite all of the flair on the software side of the device, it’s more than obvious it should be able to keep up with you through day to day usage. The Samsung Omnia 7 will be landing in Europe on October 21st, so if you’re looking for a pristine display, and Microsoft’s newest effort in the mobile smartphone game, then the Omnia 7 is a contender for your money. More images in the gallery below.

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