Samsung offering NX30 swap for old DSLRs

Samsung is trying to lure some new photographers over to its product camp, doing so with a new #DitchTheDSLR campaign being run on Twitter. As part of this, the company is also offering to give photographers a free Samsung NX30 camera — with one condition.

Samsung is giving photographers its NX30 digital camera for free, with the stipulation being that it must be given in exchange for one's old DSLR camera. It doesn't matter what the old camera is, nor its condition, only that it be a DSLR you're giving up in exchange for Samsung's new offering.

The swap is taking place in New York City at Times Square on June 4th between noon and 6PM (in the Eastern time zone). If you want to take advantage of the offer, you'll have to make your way there, where you'll also be given a test drive, so to speak, of the NX30.

If you're not close enough to New York City to make it worth your while, you can also just make a pledge to ditch your DSLR, which will net you a $50 off coupon for the camera. Those who attend the event will also get a coupon of the same value for the NX Mini.

SOURCE: Imaging Resource