Samsung next gen 5G wireless service hits 1 Gbps in testing

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has been testing next-generation 5G wireless service in one of its in-house testing centers. Samsung reports that the new 5G service is "hundreds of times faster" than current 4G mobile networks. The next generation 5G network will be able to support all the same content types as current generation 4G networks.

The big benefit is that it will be significantly faster. That will mean less buffering time for streaming media such as movies and video. It will also mean faster networking for multiple player games and faster downloads for new games and other large files. Samsung says that it expects the maximum transmission speed for 5G mobile networks to reach the "tens of Gbps."

Samsung says that the speed will be high enough that users will be able to download an ultra high definition movie file "within seconds." During testing Samsung has been able to demonstrate the ability to achieve transfer speeds of up to 1Gbps over distances of up to 2 km. The technology is currently relying on 28 GHz ultrahigh frequency bandwidths.

Samsung also notes that other companies and institutions around the world have been developing technology that would take advantage of 6 GHz bandwidths. The problem with using those ultra-high-frequency bandwidths, such as a 6 GHz range, according to Samsung is that the transmission range is decreased.

Samsung is currently looking to commercialize be 5G technology is developing by 2020. Samsung isn't alone in trying to roll out 5G mobile communications technology by 2020. Several international standards unions are working on 5G technology and overall standards to govern the rollout of these networks and the development of technology.

SOURCE: Samsung