Samsung N230 Netbook Boasts Battery Life of Almost 14 Hours

Evan Selleck - Jun 28, 2010
Samsung N230 Netbook Boasts Battery Life of Almost 14 Hours

When it comes to using something like a laptop or netbook, you can’t always have your gadget plugged in. That, kind of, defeats the purpose of having a laptop or netbook. And, because you can’t always have it plugged in, making sure that your battery life is actually worthy of the effort is essential. And while many netbooks and laptops out there have the more traditional 3-cell battery, which usually gets you out the front door, the industry is starting to change the way they think. Take the Samsung N230, for example.

Yes, the N230 netbook does have a smaller battery option, but considering the lifetime achievement award that the 6-cell version would surely win, why on Earth would you do that to yourself? With the 66Wh 6-cell battery, the N230 is boasting a battery life of 13.8 hours. Pretty impressive, and we think that’s pretty much an understatement.

Unfortunately for the N230, that’s about the only real defining feature of the netbook. The display is of the matte variety, so don’t expect any HD goodness out of this little guy. You are able to choose form either the Intel Atom N450 or N470 processor, and you also get integrated GMA 3150 graphics. It has 1GB of RAM tucked away inside, and a 250GB hard drive for all your storage needs. You’ll also get WiFi/n capability, built-in 3G, and Bluetooth 3.0 support. When it launches some time here in the near future in the States, you’ll be able to pick yourself up one for $400.

[via Netbooked]

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