Samsung "Mandel" Windows Phone snapped in the wild

What other phone made by Samsung has a similar back to the Galaxy S III? The elusive "Mandel" handset, supposedly hitting AT&T soon and adding to Ma Bell's ever expanding lineup of Windows Phones. The Lumia 900 may still be the flagship Windows Phone device, but maybe Samsung have a little something up its sleeve that may make people think twice before plunking down their cash.

New photos have emerged of the Mandel that show a back with the Windows Phone branding, as well as form factor that looks quite similar to the Galaxy S III. Could Samsung be bringing that design over to a future Windows Phone? We wouldn't put it past the company, although specs seem to be lacking right now. There's only 8GB of storage onboard though, so maybe this isn't the Lumia 900 competitor you're looking for.

Previous rumors have indicated that Samsung has taken a break from Windows Phone in order to prep a high-end device for when Windows 8 launches later this year. The Mandel is the last phone Samsung is expected to launch before then, and other than the 4.3-inch screen, the only other known spec is that it will be have LTE connectivity for AT&T's network. You'll just have to sit tight for now until Samsung and AT&T decide they want to release it.

[via Engadget]