Samsung M4650 Smart Phone

This phone is amazing, it might actually have a chance at being an iPhone killer if it makes it out of South Korea. It starts by actually including the multi-touch technology, that's a major point for the iPhone, so, in my personal opinion, you can't call any device lacking that technology and iPhone killer regardless of what the spec sheet has on it.

From there they tack on dedicated buttons for calling, navigating should you choose not to use your fingers, and a couple other spare buttons. It runs a fairly customized version of WinMo 6 too. The multi-touch touch-screen is smaller though at only 2.8-inces, but that's fine, as long as it works similarly.

They have even customized parts of the Windows Mobile 6 OS to look and work more like the iPhone. The biggest addition, this thing can tune in DMB DTV broadcasts. It has Bluetooth and a 2MP cam as well, if you want one, and are covered under LG Telecom's network, you can get it for about $551.

Samsung adds to iPhone-killer race with M4650 [via Macnn]