Samsung launches GALAXY S 4 TV ads showcasing features

Samsung's GALAXY S 4 is quickly approaching, and it's expected to launch at the beginning of next month, with pre-orders starting later this month. In the meantime, Samsung is prepping to launch a television ad campaign for the new phone. Several television commercials have popped up on Samsung Netherlands' YouTube channel, showing off some of the device's new features.

There's three ad spots in the total, all of which are roughly just over 30 seconds long. The first one we see shows off the GALAXY S 4's "Sound Shot" feature, which allows users to take a picture as well as record surrounding noise in order to give the photo more life and energy. Plus, it makes it feel like you're actually there.

The second features shown off in the series of commercials is "Group Play," which allows GALAXY S 4 users to share a song with other GALAXY S 4 users over a wireless connection. However, this method involves turning multiple phones into more speakers, allowing for louder playback of a song, since a single phone can't output loud volumes all too well.

Lastly, Samsung shows off its S Translater app, which lets users who travel abroad communicate with the locals in the area without needing to know the native language. The feature lets users talk into the phone, and it will repeat the phrase back in a different language. It should definitely come in handy for all the globe trotters out there.

Android Central also got a hold of a one-minute-long GALAXY S 4 commercial that's a bit different than the three ads above. This one guides you through some of the features of the phone, as well as showing off the exterior and the vivid colors that the display can produce. This ad spot hasn't been uploaded by Samsung yet, but we should be seeing it show up fairly soon.

[via Android Beat]