Samsung launches 750 EVO SSD worldwide, adds 500GB option

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Hard drives offer a lot of capacity but, in today modern computing age, is slow as molasses. When your work, or game, depends on fast access to data, you'll probably want an SSD instead. However, SSD's aren't exactly cheap, sometimes more than twice their HDD counterpart. That's why Samsung launched the 750 EVO SSD in emerging markets, to answer the call for more affordable SSD storage solution. Now Samsung is spreading the good cheer months before Christmas, launching the drive worldwide and even adding a new 500 GB option.

Solid-state drives or SSDs are faster and, often, more reliable, than HDDs with their mechanical heads and moving plates. But the price tag on SSDs, even at low capacities, make it difficult for computer users to migrate to using them. Heck, even OEMs aren't going all out with them for every laptop or, most especially, desktop. Even for gaming rigs that need speed the most, manufacturers and retailers more often take a hybrid approach, pairing a smaller but faster SSD with a more spacious but slower HDD.

The Samsung 750 EVO SSD was meant to be a stepping stone in transitioning the world to SSDs. With 120 GB and 250 GB options, it wouldn't eat up your funds as much as others. Still, it offered fast read and write speeds, 540 MB/s and 520 MB/s, respectively, in sequential I/O. That, and the relatively lower starting price, made the 750 EVO an enticing option for emerging markets.

But who says only emerging markets deserve affordable technology? Samsung is now making the SSD available around the world to further that goal. But it is doing one better. It is also offering a new 500 GB capacity option. While, of course, more expensive than the previous two, it is also a better fit for those that already have a lot of data to transfer from HDD to SSD.

The 500 GB Samsung 750 EVO SSD will go for $149.99 when it launches early in June. It will be available in more than 50 markets, including Europe, China, Korea, and the US. By now, the 120 GB and 250 GB 750 EVOs go for around $55 to $90, depending on the retailer.

SOURCE: Samsung