Samsung Knox won't step through the door until summer

Samsung announced details on its new Knox flavor of Android back in March. The first time Samsung talked about Knox was back in February when it announced the new version of Android packing security features to make it more suitable for business users. Originally, Samsung had expected to launch Knox this spring.

If you've been looking for Knox to turn up so you can give it a try, Samsung has announced some disappointing news. The New York Times cites to people claiming to be familiar with Samsung's plans who say that the launch of Knox has been delayed until this summer. Samsung originally planned to launch Knox along with the GALAXY S4.

The sources claim that the reason Samsung delayed Knox was because it needed additional time for software testing internally. The sources also claim that Samsung needed additional time to test the software with carriers. The new launch date being tossed around is July.

Samsung still reportedly plans to ship Knox preinstalled on some of its Galaxy devices. Samsung's goal for shipping devices running the business-centric operating system is to replace the BlackBerry as the standard for businesses looking for a secure device. A full standalone version of the software isn't expected to ship until a later date.

[via New York Times]