Samsung kicks off 50nm-class 7GHZ GDDR5 memory

Samsung's 50nm-class GDDR5 processing technology, designed to support 7Ghz GPU memory chips and 448GB/s peak bandwidth, has begun mass production today. The new fabrication process is not only outclassing in clock-speed but only cutting down power consumption.

The adoption of 50nm technology is expected to raise production efficiency of up to 100-percent over 60nm process, and reduce power consumption by 20-percent with lower operating voltage at 1.35v, as oppose to 1.8v in previous GDDR4 devices.

The new GDDR5 chips enable 7Ghz clock-speed, provide up to 448GB/s peak bandwidth with 512-bit memory bus processor, but it's uncertain if we'll see to a GDDR5 this year at this clock-rate. Report is saying the market expects number of new graphics cards equipped with GDDR5 memory in the coming months.

Samsung also revealed plans to further expand the 50nm process throughout its graphics memory line-up later this year. At current, the new GDDR5 chips are available in 32Mb x32 configuration (128MB) and also configurable as a 64Mb x16 device.