Samsung Internet adds Video Flex mode for foldables, Web monetization

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Although Chrome also has the market share in mobile, the browser market on smartphones is arguably more varied than on desktops. Some smartphone makers even have their own web browser, sometimes based on Chromium as well. Samsung is one of those and its self-named Samsung Internet browser just hit version 14, bringing a new feature for foldable phones as well as a way to make or send money on the Web.

One of the side benefits of a foldable phone is the ability to use two halves of the screen for different tasks without a significant loss in space. In addition to running two different apps side-by-side, however, there's also the concept of splitting one app into two views or panels. Samsung calls this "Flex Mode" and it's just one of the new features that Samsung Internet version 14 just added.

Earning money over the Internet is no longer an alien concept these days but it's still a Wild West out there when it comes to such platforms. Coil is one such platform that enables payment microtransactions to websites and creators. Although not built into Samsung Internet, Coil is now available as a free add-on, though the service does require a $5 monthly subscription.

Samsung Internet also joins the growing number of web browsers implementing anti-tracking features. Samsung has so far not made any mention about supporting or blocking Google's FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) third-party tracking cookie replacement.

Version 14 adds the ability to pair two websites in Samsung's App Pair edge panel feature exclusive to some Galaxy phones as well as the ability to handwrite a URL in the address bar, at least for phones with a stylus. Although it has Samsung in the name, Samsung Internet is actually compatible with many Android phones and has even been rated by some as one of the better web browsers on Android.