Samsung Instinct shows up on Best Buy website costing a pretty penny

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We recently saw leaked photos of Best Buy's inventory sheets showing that the Instinct was in fact coming to store shelves early next year in pink. Best Buy's website has now listed it as "Coming Soon," confirming that these rumors were in fact true.

What we didn't know was that this older touchscreen handset was going to cost you a pretty penny. Never would we guess that is would be selling for $599.99. I guess women who have to have this phone are willing to shell out whatever it takes to have the finer things in life.

We are surprised to see the toned down soft pink color that Samsung decided to go with. Honestly we imagined seeing a bright pink obnoxious device that would embarrass anyone within 15 feet of the thing. If Samsung kept it up with other more neutral colors we can definitely see them selling pretty well. Pink was such a bold color to go with, as it does not appeal to the entire market.