Samsung in production with new 20nm NAND flash for memory cards

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Samsung and other makers of NAND flash for storage devices are always looking to go to smaller build processes. The smaller the process the more memory they can produce and the lower prices can be. Samsung has announced that it is producing the first 20nm NAND flash memory in the industry.

The new NAND uses MLC 32Gb tech and is built on the 20nm process. The NAND will be used in smartphones, memory cards, and other devices. Samsung claims the new 20nm NAND has 50% higher productivity than 30nm MLC NAND.

The write performance of memory cards using the new NAND of 8GB and higher will be 30% faster than 30nm NAND memory cards with 20MB/s read and 10MB/s write. Samples of memory cards using the new NAND are shipping now and production will be expanded later this year.