Samsung HMD Odyssey+ upgrade tackles the big VR issue

Eric Abent - Oct 22, 2018, 10:37 am CDT
Samsung HMD Odyssey+ upgrade tackles the big VR issue

Samsung is starting the work week by announcing something of a refresh for its HMD Odyssey headset. Early on, the original HMD Odyssey took its place as one of the higher-end Windows 10 Mixed Reality headsets, and this new model – dubbed simply the HMD Odyssey+ – builds on that. A lot of things are staying the same, but there are a few improvements worth talking about.

With the Odysseey+, you’re still getting the same dual 3.5-inch displays, which each output at 1,440 x 1,600 and have a field of view of 110-degrees. Even though the displays are the same, what you see should look quite a bit better thanks to Samsung’s Anti-Screen Door Effect technology. With Anti-SDE, the lines between the pixels become less visible, which is actually a pretty big deal.

This accomplishes a couple of things according to Samsung. First, Anti-SDE brings perceived pixels per inch up to an impressive 1,233. Though actual resolution is still lower, that boost in perceived PPI could help when it comes to the dizziness and nausea some users experience. Of course, removing the screen door effect will also help with immersion, which is a big thing for virtual reality.

Other improvements include adjustable inter-pupillary distance, a wider eye box, and an adjustable headband as well. Total weight has actually gone down slightly, and Samsung says that’s it’s outfitted the Odyseey+ face padding with a new, breathable material that means the lenses inside the headset won’t fog up while you’re using it.

So, while it it probably isn’t worth an upgrade for those who already own an original HMD Odyssey, it sounds like the Odyssey+ is certainly worth considering for those who are looking into Windows Mixed Reality for the first time. Samsung says the HMD Odyssey+ will be available today at the Microsoft Store and at, though at the time of this writing it doesn’t seem to be live at either store just yet. Pricing wasn’t announced either, but we can probably expect it to be priced similarly to the original HMD Odyssey.

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