Samsung Haven headed to Verizon for the basic phone crowd

There are lots of people out there who don't want a fancy Android phone or any other smartphone for that matter. These folks want a basic phone that will make calls and that's about it. Samsung has a new handset just for such cell phone users called the Haven that is headed to Verizon Wireless.

The Haven is a flip phone that looks like something from years gone by. It rocks a 2.2-inch LCD with adjustable font sizes and dedicated keys for the speakerphone and in case of emergency numbers. There is also a dedicated 911 key. The device is oriented towards the elderly with poor vision that need a simple handset.

The Haven will cost you $39.99 with a new contract and will land on July 29 in stores. I would worry about that dedicated 911 key, hit the wrong button and the user will have some explaining to do.