Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ gain improved S Pen functions

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Samsung has announced a software update coming in Q1 2021 for the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ tablets. The update will include updated functionality for the S Pen and Galaxy Buds Pro earphones. As part of the update, Samsung promises users more continuous experiences using the S Pen.

The updates will include text box areas usually serviced with keyboards, such as an address box, to be filled in using the S Pen. Anything handwritten into those boxes will be instantly converted into digital text, including punctuation. Users will need to draw a "v" between words to leave a space and an upside-down "u" shape to connect separate words.

Samsung will support more natural note-taking using Samsung Notes, with a new pen-type coming as part of the update. When selected, the "Pen to Text" feature lets users take handwritten notes and instantly convert them into digital text. The feature is supported in more than 80 languages and detects any punctuation or spacing.

Improve scanning functionality for documents using Samsung Notes is also coming with improvements for the Camera app. The feature will bring easier access for users who scan and edit a document in Samsung Notes. Users will be able to tap the "Attach" icon in the app, scan the document, and make notes directly on the scanned document.

The update will also bring the 360 Audio feature that was introduced alongside the Galaxy Buds Pro. With the update applied, users will enjoy 360-degree surround sound when watching a video on either tablet. The feature will synchronize to the user head movements allowing the volume of the earbuds to adjust to give users immersive audio. There is no specific date when the update will be available.