Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag looks more like a pebble than a Tile

Samsung has confirmed that it will hold its Galaxy Unpacked early in less than two weeks and, if rumors are correct, it won't just be about the Galaxy S21 only. Granted, new earbuds might not exactly be an exciting new venture but Samsung is also expected to reveal a relatively new accessory line as well. The Galaxy Smart Tag, or "SmartTag" as this sighting calls it, has been leaked before and now we're seeing what could be the first real-world photos of the tracker and its design might disappoint some.

The Galaxy Smart Tag's design has been leaked from the very beginning it has been favorable compared to Tile's trackers. The two have a similar rounded square shape with a hole in one of the corners to loop in a cord or strap. While that turned out to be correct, the entry for the device on Taiwan's NCC puts it at a literally different angle.

From these photos, it would seem that the Galaxy Smart Tags are significantly thicker than what previous diagrams and icons suggested. It looks more like a black pebble that curves down to the sides than the flat chips that Tile uses. While it may still look aesthetically pleasing, it does limit the places where you can put them, like inside your wallet.

91mobiles, unfortunately, doesn't offer much more, though a lot of the blanks have long been filled already anyway. There's Bluetooth 5.1 support, for example, and the Smart Tags' integration with Samsung's SmartThings framework.

The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tags' rumored $18 price tag could make it an attractive accessory, at least if you already have a Samsung Galaxy phone. The potential exclusivity to SmartThings and this design revelation, however, could turn others to more platform-agnostic options like Tile who offers more designs to address more use cases.