Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag design confirmed by SmartThings app

In just a few weeks, Samsung will be unveiling yet another one of its worst-kept secrets, the Galaxy S21 series. It won't be alone, though, if rumors are correct, and the Galaxy S21 will be joined by a few accessories. Although not exactly as big as the Galaxy Buds Pro, the Galaxy Smart Tag tracker is still an interesting addition to Samsung's ecosystem. That is provided it can actually make a good case for these against something more established like pioneer Tile's more time-tested options.

Unlike Apple's rumored AirTags, it seems that Samsung will be banking on familiarity and perhaps affordability to literally sell these Bluetooth item trackers. A certification in South Korea hinted at the item's design and now it seems that Samsung itself has pretty much confirmed it, at least indirectly through one of its apps.

91mobiles, working with tipster Ishan Agarwal, narrates how the SmartThings app added images that resembled the design found in the aforementioned certification. The shape is pretty much a square with very rounded corners, a.k.a. a "squircle", that is just rotated to stand on one of those corners. The opposite corner has a hole, possibly for a lanyard or keychain.

The design is pretty much reminiscent of the Tile tracker, down to the circle in the middle. It's not yet known what that circle will be, though it might be a button that can be pressed to locate a paired smartphone in reverse.

Based on other leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag will simply use Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy and will integrate with Samsung SmartThings, something confirmed by this leak. That could make it unusable with other smartphones, Android or iOS, unlike a Tile. The 15 EUR ($18) price tag, however, might be a selling point, at least for a myriad of Samsung Galaxy phone owners.