Samsung Galaxy S III rumor points to Jelly Bean update in October

If you're the owner of Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone and have been counting the days until you can get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, you may have a few more days to wait. Reports are circulating that Samsung won't be delivering Android 4.1 for S III owners until October. That means delays are likely to take even longer for international users and US S3 users with a carrier branded device.

The report claims that Samsung has officially confirmed the delay until October. Before this report started circulating, we were expecting Jelly Bean to land for the smartphone in late August. Additional leaks then had us hoping the update would land this month. Exactly, why the upgrade launch date is slipping is unknown.

So far, we've seen the 4.1 update leak for the international quad-core version of the S III. We've also seen the update surface for the T-Mobile version of the smartphone. In both leaks, the upgrade appears to be complete and stable indicating the update was ready to ship.

The only good news is we're only a few weeks away from October now. Of course, there's no guarantee that these reports are correct, the operating system update could be further delayed or could land tomorrow for all we know. Without an official attributable statement by Samsung, we really just don't know.

[via Android Community]