Samsung Galaxy S and S II reach 50m sales

Back in Feburary,Samsung announced that it had sold 20 million Galaxy S II devices across the world, and in March the company declared that it had shifted 5 million Galaxy Notes. Samsung has now released some updated sales figures, saying that 50 million Galaxy S and Galaxy S II units have been sold thanks to combined channel and distributor sales.

Not only that, but the Galaxy Note continues to see strong sales, up from 5 million units in March to 7 million today. In total, 24 million Galaxy S phones have entered sales channels since the June 2010 launch, while 28 million Galaxy S IIs have been shifted in just a year.

The latest figures join news that the Galaxy S III is the fastest pre-ordered smartphone in the UK, with the phone already amassing 9 million pre-orders from retailers and carriers worldwide. The phone has suffered some delays, however: the Pebble Blue version of the device is said to have a manufacturing defect with the back cover of the phone, leading to a milky white appearance after prolonged use. Samsung has said it's trying to fix the problem and Pebble Blue phones should be hitting retailers shortly, but if you want to pick up a phone today you'll have to make do with Marble White.

[via The Next Web]