Samsung Galaxy S 4 to top 10 million in sales next week

Samsung's newest baby is said to soon be crossing the 10 million mark in sales next week, according to co-CEO JK Shin. The Galaxy S 4 has only been on the market for less than a month, which means that the flagship handset would become the company's fastest-selling device ever if things go as planned next week.

The new phone would even beat out the Galaxy S III, which sold 10 million units in a matter of 54 days, so the Galaxy S 4 would reach that milestone roughly a few weeks ahead of the Galaxy S III. Shin says that the Galaxy S 4 is expected to hit the 10 million mark in less than a month, so be prepared for Samsung to pop open the Champagne bottles once again.

The Galaxy S 4 first became available on April 26, and has since spread like wildfire all over the world. The phone is so hot, in fact, that Google decided to partner up with Samsung on the Galaxy S 4 to release a "Google edition" of the new handset, allowing users to bypass the TouchWiz interface in favor of a stock Android Jelly Bean experience. It's not a Nexus device, but it could very well be.

Of course, we knew this day would come eventually, so we shouldn't be extremely surprised that the Galaxy S 4 is hitting 10 million in sales, but we are a little impressed to see it hit that number in such a short amount of time. As for an exact date on when the 10 million mark will hit, Samsung expects to make an announcement on May 24.

In slightly related news, Shin also talked about the upcoming Galaxy Note III, and while he didn't give away a lot of details on the new device, he says that the phablet-style smartphone will sport a 5.9-inch display, which is right on track with several rumors that we've heard in the past that suggested somewhere in the 6-inch range. As for the type of display, it's rumored that it will come with OLED technology.

VIA: Android Community

SOURCE: Korea Times