Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen app contest announced

Samsung's new Galaxy Note device is turning a lot of heads, not only because of its large display but also because of the "S Pen" that comes with it, turning it into more of a tablet/PDA hybrid than a traditional phone. The only problem with launching something like that is that it isn't a universal accessory and so developers need to have intense confidence in that one product if they want to incorporate it. Well, that, or Samsung could just bribe them with the chance to win $100,000.

From today until April 2, Samsung is encouraging developers to submit the best app they can come up with, using the S Pen peripheral. Those who are singled out as having created amazing apps will share a prize pool of more than $200,000, mostly in cash, with the grand prize winner taking home half of the entire kitty. Second prize is $50,000 and the third-place finisher will grab a cool $25,000.

There will also be 10 "Honorable Mention" winners, each of whom will receive $2,000 and a Galaxy Note. Finally, users will get to vote on their choice, and the winner of that vote, the Popular Choice Award, will be granted $2,000. "The Galaxy Note enables new and creative ways to interact with your phone through the advanced S Pen technology. We are excited to see how developers use the S Pen SDK to come up with new ways to integrate the S Pen into applications," said Samsung Mobile president Dale Sohn.

Full details of the contest are available at