Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Mugen Power battery packs 6500 mAh of juice

When it comes to getting larger replacement batteries for smartphones, Mugen Power has batteries for lots of the Android devices out there with user replaceable battery packs. Mugen has announced its latest battery pack designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This battery pack has more than twice the power of the factory battery.

The Mugen battery offers 6500 mAh of power. The factory battery offers 3200 mAh of power. Since the Mugen battery is thicker than the factory battery, it ships with a new battery door for the phone.

The battery door that ships with the Mugen battery also has an integrated kickstand. That kickstand allows the phone to be propped up so that you can watch video hands free. The battery is available with two different color battery doors.

You can order the battery with a black battery door or a white battery door. The battery pack will ship on December 6. The price for the battery and the new battery door is $98.50. This larger battery pack will double the run time for your device allowing you to use it much longer away from an outlet.

SOURCE: Android Community